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  • Fly me to …Etna!

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    There’s one experience that among the others is an Experience Taormina must: the helicopter tour over Etna. In my life, I’ve watched Etna from many different perspectives. I see it every morning, waking up from my bed. It’s there, right in front of me, outside my balcony. I’ve seen Etna from the plane, landing to Catania each time I was

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  • Taormina Characters: Lady Florence Trevelyan

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    Taormina has flourished and has become the pearl of the Mediterranean, not only for its position and its natural and historical heritage, but also because of exceptional people that during the 19th and the 20th century have chosen Taormina as their home. Lady Florence Trevelyan played a strong role in the human and artistic development of Taormina. English noblewoman, friend

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  • The legend behind Sicilian Ceramic Heads

    Who, coming at least once to Sicily, has never seen a Moorish head in a balcony, or in a traditional Sicilian Restaurant, or in the many pottery shops we have? The art of Maiolica pottery was brought to Sicily by the Arabics who taught Sicilian how to create these wonderful objects, now real peieces of art. In he thirteenth-century, the

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  • Sicilian Cous Cous

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    Sicilian Cous Cous   Everybody knows that going to Sicily means culture, folklore, and of course the best food in the world (n.d.r.)! Sicily has always been, since ancient times a place of dominations: Greeks, Normans, Spaniards, Arabs and many other populations have brought their own culture and their own traditions we can now see reflected in our history, our

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  • Viva gli Sposi: Long live the happy couple!

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    Weddings are taken seriously in every culture… Whether traditionally speaking or thanks to the over abundance of hallmark importance, a wedding is guaranteed to turn everything into an uproar, and in Sicily a wedding is as important as Christmas, New Years, and every celebrated Saints day, but all combined. (Jay Gullotta photography) Not surprising, but people come from all over

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  • Food for Thought

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    If you could ask 2 Michelin star chef Massimo Mantarro one question, what would it be? When Principe Cerami Restaurant opened in 2004 at the San Domenico Palace Hotel there was a huge goal to be met.  Create a experience that would change the reputation of grand hotel fine dining from old and austere to innovative and exceptional. 2 Michelin

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